Be your authentic self

Authentic Tigers Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) Coaching and Training Experiences offer rapid ways to get your career, life or business in order and, since the sessions are focused on your specific circumstances and your full commitment to experience change, a great sense of purpose is generated and quantum leaps in your thinking appear.

People are often surprised how smoothly unresolved issues, as well as presenting problems are all dealt with. There is a renewed sense of congruency, confidence and empowerment, together with the motivation to move your life or business in the direction you want it to go in. Our clients notice major improvements in how they think and act, they feel unburdened by doubts and anxieties.

Are you ready to start moving forward, without the fear of looking back? Are you ready to unleash the power from within? Picture yourself or your business months from now, having experienced the changes you desire, notice what’s different, what’s present in your life that was missing before. With the support of Authentic Tigers, you have the power and the ability lo make these changes now.

Coaching and training experiences

  • One-to-One Personal or Professional Coaching
  • Personal or Professional Breakthrough Day Experience
  • Team Stress Management & Development Days
  • Goal Setting Sessions
  • TimeLine Therapy Sessions
  • Supreme Self Confidence Days
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Communication Skills Days & NLP basics

From the trainer

“From past personal experience of mental health challenges, I was blessed to have been introduced to Neuro Linguistic Programming and other rapid change therapeutic modalities, and from there, I have not looked back. Inspired by my own response to the techniques and how they ‘miraculously’ lifted me out a bad place, I fervently pursued additional training, knowledge and experience. That all started in 2003 and my passion has not waned. I believe that when ready, and willing, everyone can learn to take control of their state of mind, their destiny, and they can dramatically improve their mental health and ability to bounce back.”

⸺ David Howie, Learning & Development Igniter, tigers group


“I am able to stay above the line, ensuing that I value myself and give myself he time to process situations before reacting to them.”

– Lisa Wark, Early Learning and Childcare Assessor, tigers group

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