What makes ourpartnerships different

Trusting relationships

Our partnerships nurture connections through relationships, realising a shared vision to create working and learning environments where everyone feels safe, respected and valued.

Raising awareness

We feel passionate about joining and starting conversations on topics affecting young people and their opportunities in the workplace. They are our future!


ACE-Aware Nation

Increasing awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences

We work with ACE-Aware Nation to help fulfil our passion to put relationships first, aiming to help every single citizen of Scotland understand the impact of childhood distress. We’re determined to see public policy-making, spending decisions and cultural regeneration reflect the scientific knowledge we have on ACES, proudly fostering and collaborating to host conferences and conversation series since 2018.

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Kickstart Scheme

Offering young people valuable industry experience

Young people are our future workforce, providing a beacon of hope, and our involvement with the Kickstart Scheme helps us provide equal opportunities for individuals, families and communities. The scheme offers fully funded job placements where we facilitate connections and form the link between you, DWP and young people.

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“Our team loves working with tigers because their works shows what is possible when you put the science of connection into practice”

— Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, founder, Connected Baby


Training young people to find their way into work

We believe young people learn best, grow more and thrive, in whatever career they choose, when they’re fully supported. We offer everything needed to flourish: training through our courses and apprenticeships, connections through our mentorship programmes, as well as our ongoing, caring support.

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Get into Work

Our courses are designed to support young people to identify their unique skills and personal qualities so they can find the right career path for them. Our holistic approach incorporates personal development, wellness sessions and practical experience.


Industry Specific

We offer apprenticeships in the construction and early years sectors, as well as business skills and digital marketing. We provide young people with recognised qualifications and valuable hands-on workplace experience with our industry partners.


Supporting next steps

We help young people take all they’ve learnt through tigers training and translate that into landing the job of their dreams. We offer practical training on writing CVs, help with job applications and support preparing for interviews.


Mentor our future leaders

Our mentorship programmes, iWiL and iCAN, connect mentors and mentees to learn from each other through shared insights and experiences. We’re building an inclusive network of leaders, passionate about supporting our future leaders.

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Let’s work together!

Find out more about what we offer, or reach out to collaborate on something new.

Find out more about what we offer, or reach out to collaborate on something new.