Caring for children and their families

Specialising in attachment led childcare, Lullaby Lane Nurseries was founded by two working parents who recognised the importance of high quality early years childcare in a safe, loving and warm childcare environment.

Lullaby Lane Nurseries

Building a brighter future for all.

Providing soft and hard landscaping as well as ground maintenance operations, Paradigm Landscapes works with key agencies to offer supportive mentoring and employment opportunities helping people overcome barriers and reach their infinite potential.

Paradigm Landscapes

Supporting people to move towards calmness

Raising self-awareness of how we carry stress and anxiety, Calming Tigers supports adults and children to move towards calmness using a collection of body-based techniques like mindfulness, yoga, positive touch and laughter therapy. We have a shared belief that we’re all deserving of knowing our own value and self-worth.


Mentoring our future leaders

Our mentorship programmes, iWiL and iCAN, connect mentors and mentees to learn from each other through shared insights and experiences. We’re building an inclusive network of leaders, passionate about supporting our future leaders.


Paving the way to boost potential

The Foundation, created in memory of our dear friend and colleague Richard Loughran, supports individuals, families and communities to remove or reduce any barriers that might get in the way of them developing their infinite potential.


Coaching individuals and teams

Offering a range of Accelerated Personal Development solutions using rapid transformation tools, techniques and strategies. Authentic Tigers life coaching sessions, workshops and events align with our vision to reduce barriers and help others to reach their infinite potential.

Let’s work together!

Find out more about what we offer, or reach out to collaborate on something new.

Find out more about what we offer, or reach out to collaborate on something new.