Building a strong mindset and body

Raising self-awareness of how we carry stress and anxiety, calming tigers supports adults and children to move towards calmness using a collection of body-based techniques. We have a shared belief that we’re all deserving of knowing our own value and self-worth. Our sessions promote empathy, resilience kindness and connection.

Calming tigers experiences

  • Mindfulness and meditation for children, young people and adults
  • Children’s yoga
  • Chair yoga
  • Story massage for both children and adults
  • Laughter therapy
  • Creative writing
  • Connective crafts
  • Fidget toy sessions
  • Confidence and self esteem building

From the trainer

“Calming tigers was born out of the need for connection, positivity and hope, not only in the workplace but in our communities and homes also. As a fully trained mindfulness coach, I now work with employees and learners across our organisation and externally to promote health and wellbeing. I am fully trained in Laughter Therapy, Children’s Yoga and Story Massage, I run stress reduction courses which also involve Therapeutic Music and Health and Fitness sessions. Each programme | run can be tailored to fit the needs of the individual/group. I work with both adults and children with each programme designed to build resilience, confidence, strong bodies and minds whilst supporting emotional and physical wellbeing. At the heart of each practice, I offer is empathy, support, kindness and connection”

Aisling Bent

Wellbeing coordinator


“Calming tigers has helped me understand my emotions and how to control them, Aisling reminds me that being alone is always ok and whenever my body needs regulated my best option is to create a safe space and do some mindfulness. She has brought me a long way I couldn’t thank Aisling enough.”

⸺ Karen McSporran, Modern Apprentice Childcare Practitioner, Lullaby Lane Nurseries

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