We first opened our doors at Lullaby Lane Westerton in October 2013, later Lullaby Lane Milngavie in 2017.

We opened with a simple ethos, to treat each child like they were our own, offering them love, compassion and a home from home.

We wanted our families to feel proud about the choice that they made for the care of their children. We wanted them to part from their children with the confidence and knowledge that they were leaving them in the care of people who were emotionally available and who would take their unique, precious child into their hearts.

We wanted to offer comfort and safety by providing cuddles and close connection.

On the 5th February we opened our doors to our 3rd nursery, Lullaby Lane Hogganfield at Golf It!. We will have the joy of welcoming more children and families who will experience our #AttachmentLedPractice and our emotionally attuned #FamilyCare. It truly is a privilege to be asked to care for someone’s child.

Our new venture is the collective achievement of our Lullaby team, present and past, supported by many of our teams across the Tigers Group. Our Hogganfield team stand on the shoulders of all their colleagues. This has been a true team effort to get to this stage.

We wish to thank Laura Devennie, Donna Adams, Christopher Keane, and Tracey Nimmo, none of this would have happened without their exceptional work and their immense courage. And to our friends and colleagues Jenny Brown, Russell Smith, The R&A, VS+YO, Iain Smith for being visionary thinkers.

We must finish by thanking the person who has been part of this development from the very beginning, and who has been integral to all operations every step of the way, Brian Carmichael. As so accurately said by Jenny recently, “Brian is great, he makes things happen”. Thank you to our dear friend.

Welcome to Lullaby Lane Hogganfield. We cannot wait to see what adventures await our whole community 🎉🙏

Pauline and Ian Scott ❤️