Construction apprenticeship programme to go green

We share Skills Development Scotland (SDS) and our government’s vision for a greener economy and a transition to net-zero. How can tigers help realise this vision? We believe we can make a difference, acting with courage to make changes to how we train young people. We’ve got some very exciting news on this front!

We’re delighted to have been selected to deliver the first pilot targeting a Foundation Apprenticeship programme in construction with a greener economy at its very heart. The pilot is part of SDS’s Climate Emergency Skills Action Plan 2020-2025, aiming for skills and education provisions with net-zero aligned curricula and genuine learning pathways into green jobs.

What makes our new pilot green?

For the first time ever, we’ll be working with a group of young people from local schools to provide sector skills with a green difference! We’ll be fostering an understanding of issues around climate change, sustainability, renewable energy use and zero-waste and looking closely at their relevance to the industry.

“We believe we can make a difference, acting with courage to make changes to how we train young people.”

What will the programme look like?

Young people will develop knowledge on the background of climate change and carbon foot-print reduction and gather an understanding of how this relates to the construction industry.

We’ll provide practical opportunities for young people to put their knowledge into action. They’ll reuse waste materials during construction work and take part in work-based challenges to implement sustainable methods, like collecting rainwater to use to clean materials and equipment.

Making the most of our wonderful community relationships, we’ll share our passion for community, on a local and global scale, with young people. We’ll aim to inspire our young learners to get involved with COP26 and Glasgow’s target of Carbon Neutrality by 2030. Local groups and MSPs will be invited to see the programme in action and we’ll provide a welcoming space for conversation on how the construction industry can make a difference when it comes to climate change.

There’ll be workshops on renewable energy and zero-waste, alongside our partner in CSIC (Construction Scotland Innovation Centre). Also practical workshops will give young people the chance to learn more about PASSIVHAUS construction, a German concept to build houses where very little energy is required to heat or cool them as they’re built with incredibly energy efficient materials.

We won’t stop there! The second phase of the programme will offer young people a work based challenge with our key employer partner, Morgan Sindall. We’re excited to partner with Morgan Sindall, a very progressive tier one construction company with significant commitments to environmental protection and a 2030 net-zero target.

We can’t wait to see how our pilot programme unfolds, and we’ll share the journey with you so look out for more news on us turning apprenticeship programmes green.