Tigers host Glasgow Hackathon!

We were excited and privileged to partner with The Hope Collective, UK Youth, Youth Link Scotland and the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit in hosting a Hackathon in Glasgow. The event one of a series five regional Hacks” brought together a diverse group of around 60 young people from across Scotland to discuss tough societal challenges including housing, environment and employment.

The Campaign

The Hope Collective campaign honours the memory of Damilola Taylor, a young man who, aged 10, tragically lost his life to violence in London in 2000. Shortly before his death, Damilola wrote of his hope to change the world. This series of events attempt to honour that dream by inviting young people to lead us in #ChangingTheConversation. The event dedicates the campaign to young people and their aspirational stories of ambition and hope.

We believe young people have the infinite potential to challenge the future and create a better society. This was a great event to be involved in and brought power to young people voices.

Hackathon Day

Our agenda was busy, and the excitement on the room was tangible. We started right on track with our inspirational speaker, Graeme Armstrong, author of the award-winning Scots Book of the year 2021 “The young Team”. Graeme set the tone for the day, sharing his story of hope and honesty which has led him to where he is today and to writing his bestselling book. It was a true message of hope.

After our keynote speaker, we move to our discussions with our panellists: Cain Green, Denisha Killoh, Imogen Maskell and John Loughton, where they discussed our themes of: environment, housing & employment. It was a grounded debated touching subject from inclusion & LGBTQ+, disability in sustainability, societal status and environment.

“'Our communities have been living sustainably for years, the environment is a middle-class conversation. We need to keep raising our voice, understand the system to get ahead.” John Loughton

Hearing Young People’s Ideas!

Our young people moved to their workshops with their facilitators to work on their ideas on how they want to create change. As we brought the day to a close, our young people shared their hopes for the future with the listeners: Niven Rennie, Paul Sweeney MSP and Gary Trowsdale. This is what they had to say:

Group 1: A rap feedbacking their thoughts on Housing and equality. Housing should be affordable and accessible.

Group 2: A metaphor of knocking down the cups to explain the issues they see in our current class system and how they want to see society change to give everyone a voice.

Group 3: Focusing on environmentally friendly housing with space to grow our own food.

Group 4: Housing in locations that accommodate the environment. Sustainable housing that doesn’t take away from the environment but instead works around it.

Group 5: Those working in housing need to be trauma informed.

Group 6: The education system has failed. Young people should be doing projects and writing essays on current social issues.

groups 7/8: The motto to follow: Our future. Our voice. Our world.

Lastly, we had Molly from Manchester, singing her own song, Syndicate.

Thank you to all our young people, partners & The Hope Collective, for an aspirational day. Hope is the start of change. Let’s keep changing the conversation!

If you are looking to empower young people, and support their development, get in touch to start a partnership!