A Family's Experience at Lullaby Lane

Choosing a nursery for your 1st child is a daunting experience – so many choices, so many opinions, so many options, so many crazy waiting lists and much wondering about what is the right decision.

This was what faced us in the Autumn of 2014 after our daughter Emily was born as we began to think about the logistics of childcare. When we went to visit Lullaby Lane we instantly knew this was the place – a sign at the door said “home from home” – and within minutes of being inside the nursery and meeting the staff for the first time we knew this was the place for us! Lullaby Lane is far more than a nursery, it’s family! And now after roughly 7 years we have come to the end of our journey as parents of children at Lullaby Lane but we will forever hold it in our hearts, and be a supporter of Pauline and her teams as much as we can.

“I love being able to get outdoors all the time and being able to play on the hammocks” Emily

We were naive and thought that nursery was just somewhere you took your children for childcare, but Lullaby Lane has taught us that it is so much more. All the staff strive to be the best they can be, and not only educate themselves about early years development and attachment theory but also the parents and families too, and for this we will be forever grateful! Attachment theory was something we knew nothing about before becoming a Lullaby Lane family; and it’s now something we are able to share with our own friends and family.

Both our children – Emily and Finlay – have attended Lullaby Lane over the last 7 years, and we would have been lost without the nursery. It’s the most welcoming, friendly, homely, nurturing and loving environment and nothing is ever too much. All staff go above and beyond every day, to help the children achieve their full potential and feel settled, loved and connected to their nursery environment and them as keyworkers. Not only do they love and support the children in their care they also have the same connection to the parents and families.

“Lullaby Lane is so much fun!” Finlay

Our time at Lullaby Lane has not always been plain sailing. As a family we didn’t qualify for childcare during the covid pandemic, but Lullaby Lane made sure to keep the connection with Finlay (and Emily) alive with weekly video messages, connection bags and zoom sessions with keyworkers and friends so when nursery finally opened up again to us, it was a smooth transition back for Finlay and he couldn’t have been happier to be back with “his Sophia” and his besties.

Lullaby Lane is definitely more than just a nursery, it’s a place that loves your child as much as you love them yourselves and becomes part of your family. Our children wouldn’t be who they are today without the friendships and relationships they made during their time there.

Through them we have made friends and connections for life and will never ever forget our time there and neither will Emily and Finlay 💖

Katie and Brian Thomson