We're proud to host the Glasgow Hackathon again!

Tigers, in collaboration with the VRU and The Hope Collective, are delighted to be hosting this year’s Glasgow Hackathon on Friday 11th November in our new premises at CityPark.

What is the Hackathon?

The Hope Hacks aim to provide young people with the opportunity to come together for a day of exploring and developing new and innovative solutions to the challenges we currently face in our society today.  The Hope Hacks provide an excellent platform for young people to raise their voices and share not only their concerns about the societal challenges we face, but also to offer hope in the ways in which we tackle poverty and inequality as a nation.

What is the history of the Hackathon?

The origins of the Hope Hack start with the tragic story of Damilola Taylor who was murdered, aged 10, in London. Damilola dreamed of being a doctor and of being able to save the world. In his memory, the Damilola Taylor Trust was formed, and in 2020 the Day of Hope was launched, marking 20 years since Damilola’s death.

The Day of Hope was developed and supported by a ‘Hope Collective’, a joint enterprise which brought together leading organisations with shared values from across the United Kingdom, all with a vision to create a powerful voice for change on behalf of young people.

What will happen at the Glasgow Hackathon?

The Glasgow Hackathon aims to gather young people’s views on poverty and inequality within their communities with the intention of providing young people with a platform to share their solutions to these challenges and present these to their peers and the wider group.

The ideas and solutions from the hacks will be incorporated as part of a report along with the survey data to create the biggest needs assessment into what young people think a fairer society looks like. The Youth Management Group (YMG) are a group of 15-20 young people aged between 16-25 years, who steer the overall activity of the Hope Collective.

The findings of the Glasgow Hack will be included within the Reimagined Report which will be circulated in advance of the 2024 Westminster Election.

Tigers firmly believes in the vision of The Hope Collective and in helping to provide a platform where our young people have the opportunity to come together as part of this collective and offer their insights, solutions and hope for their futures.

If you are aged 16-24 and are interested in participating in our event or would like to find our further information please contact us at events@tigersltd.co.uk

Hope is the start of change