Month: July 2022

The Pride in Pride

Why do we still need Pride?

As you may know June and July are Pride months in the UK, a celebration for the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. A time for the LGBTQ+ community to be seen, understood, and respected. A time for education, reflection, action, and most of all love.

Being gay is still a crime in over 69 countries round the world, and punishable by death in many. Pride isn’t just a bit of fun or a chance to show off. Its an essential political event highlighting human rights and the struggle for legal equality for the LGBTQ+ community round the world. With the Trans community particularly being persecuted at this time by the uneducated in the media, there is still a lot of work to be done.

Why Tigers are involved?

Tigers have supported, coached, and believed in young people in Scottish communities for years. I felt it was fitting that they offered to be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community and wanted to be part of the Pride march in Glasgow. Many of our young people are lesbian, gay, bi and trans.

Tigers offer a safe environment for learning, offering coaching, mental health awareness and a real practical support as part of a whole person approach. Helping young people work towards achieving their full potential whoever they are and whoever they love. Our Tigers learners feel so comfortable in the inclusive environment provided, that they can finally be who they want and need to be. It can be a weight lifted from their shoulders, allowing them to just be who they want to be. No need to hide or feel shame, they can relax and know they are accepted and respected for the journey they are on.

“I was delighted to stand with David, with colleagues and friends in celebration of our diversity. Pride was an incredible event, filled with joy, love and understanding - I was proud to be there and walk alongside my friends.”


Siobhan Argyle, Education Manager, tigers

Our day of Pride

Saturday the 16th July has arrived Pride day Glasgow. Myself, and a group of colleagues, have our place in the Pride parade and are all ready to go. A mixed group of gay and straight allies. I feel so proud to have such a fantastic, supportive, loving work family ready to march along-side me. Taking on my fight and making it theirs.

With Tigers Pride t-shirts generously supplied by Tigers Group Managing Director Pauline Scott, Pride flags freshly ironed, glitter, whistles and rainbows everywhere we are off. What strikes me immediately are the many businesses and organisations like Tigers who are taking part. From supermarkets and banks to council adoption agencies and the gay rugby team. Thousands of people supporting change. Many realising that Pride isn’t just a day out of the year, but every day. Changing policies in their companies and organisations to legally protect their LGBTQ+ members and employees.

Smiles, laughter, singing, music, chants fill the air as we make our way from Glasgow Green through the streets of Glasgow City Centre towards George Square.
The streets are lined by people waving and enjoying the atmosphere, old and young, families and couples, smiling and waving, showing their support. You can feel the joy in the air, its intoxicating. 20,000 people marching for equality, for change, for reform, and love.
It makes me feel proud how far the LGBTQ+ community have come in the 50 years pride has been celebrated. I feel lucky to live in a country where my freedom to be me is legally protected.
But it also makes me realise more work is required to help the LGBTQ+ community round the world. The fight for human rights continues. I look around me and realise the fight is in good hands.

Roll on Pride 2023 the fight goes on!