Tigers growing delivery in Scotland

Tigers 22nd  year sees our training and apprenticeships delivery continue to grow with our three core academies specialising in Construction, Early Learning & Childcare and Business Skills now supporting young people across Scotland.

In recent years we have moved beyond Glasgow delivery to regions throughout the country including Ayrshire, North and South Lanarkshire, East and West Dunbartonshire as well as more distant destinations such as Aberdeen and Shetland.

Our expanding delivery model now includes Foundation Apprenticeships which offer school pupils in S4, S5 and S6 opportunities to get out of the classroom environment whilst experiencing a vocational and experiential approach to learning including accessing valuable relevant work experience.

Recent exciting developments at tigers include our Joint Venture programme for Modern Apprentices with Morgan Sindall Construction as well as the launch of our innovative Enhanced Apprenticeships in Play and Attachment. Both programmes strive to connect learners with industry professionals willing to share knowledge and expertise. We believe this blended approach to vocational education heightens learning and enriching the participant experience.

We will strive to continue developing meaningful collaborations with values aligned, purpose driven partners which create exciting opportunities for our young people across Scotland. To explore joining us on this journey you can connect with us via office@tigersltd.co.uk

Inspiring Potential since 2001.

Construct Your Future – A New Schools Initiative

tigers and The Prince’s Trust are proud to announce an exciting partnership, between two values based and purpose driven organisations, that will benefit young people from over 20 secondary schools across the West of Scotland.

The programme, ’Construct Your Future’, has been designed to provide young people with an introduction to the exciting world of Construction, a chance to explore what careers are available to them and an opportunity to gain valuable industry qualifications.

This programme is not just about learning practical skills, it’s about discovering new passions, expressing oneself, and building self-esteem and confidence.

Group Commercial Director, Gerry Hamill expressed delight sharing, “At tigers we believe that significant learning and development only takes place in the presence of secure, positive relationships. Alongside our friends at The Princes Trust we aim to create an environment that will see young people thrive. We are thrilled to see this partnership embrace our model of Relationship Led Practice.”

On behalf of The Princes Trust, Head of Delivery Partnerships & Volunteering, Helena Inverarity said… ‘We are delighted to be working with tigers in schools across the Glasgow City Region to deliver this programme. tigers deliver sector leading skills development in a positive and safe environment for young people to set goals and recognise their potential. Working together with tigers supports our mission to build young people’s confidence and skills, and prepare them for their future’

Construction Operations Manager, Steven Manclark, also confirmed on behalf of tigers that;

“We’re absolutely delighted to be working in partnership with the Prince’s Trust, knowing that we are able to offer a significant number of young people from schools across the West an opportunity to come in and experience the construction sector. We aim to support the young people gain positive experiences and outcomes.”

For further information or to find out how we can build a new partnership together contact office@tigersltd.co.uk

Inspiring Potential since 2001.


My apprenticeship journey

When I first started my apprenticeship, my weekly salary was around £92, this was working 5 days a week, 8am – 4.30pm. I had moved from an office based role where I was smartly dressed, always warm and had coffee on tap! It felt like I had made a huge mistake at that point, little was I to know an apprenticeship was about to change my life.

After completing 4 years as a painting and decorating apprentice, I travelled the world, lectured in a college and had a go at working self-employed. I loved my job and it always gave me satisfaction, one thing that was very obvious though was the need for more tradespeople on site. There was always a constant shortage, alongside this I had been working with young people who were desperate to do well for themselves however found their personal circumstances creating barriers they were unable to remove. That’s when I began working for tigers as a trainer/assessor, I worked directly alongside the apprentices and had a unique opportunity to make a real difference in their lives. 5 years on and I find myself with the absolute privilege of being able to being part of helping to create a brand new joint venture alongside Morgan Sindall paving the way for 30 young people to enter into an apprenticeship. When I stood up to welcome everyone to the launch event it was great to finally be announcing the start of the joint venture, but the thing that filled me with so much pride and hope was seeing the amount of people there willing to be involved in helping these young people achieve their goals.

What we need to do

If you are reading this, then like me you have a passion for the construction industry. Apprenticeships are the bread and butter of this sector and are key to addressing the skills shortages. Construction News recently produced an article advising the construction industry would need almost 217,000 new construction workers by 2025. No employer, college or training provider can do that alone, if there has ever been a time for the industry to come together, it is now. It is our obligation to work together to inspire and support young people to enter the industry whilst ensuring we have a sector that can continue to offer fantastic opportunity and continue to operate at the heart of the UK economy.

Inspiring Potential since 2001.

Paradigm Landscapes grow by Acquisition

As the most recent business to emerge from within the Tigers Group, Paradigm Landscapes operate from that same space of being commercially minded with explicit social purpose.

In this, our first year of trading, we have focused on creating three main themes for our business to focus on in terms of work delivery. Those have been commercial, residential and social with projects under each work classification completed to the highest of standards and on every occasion to our partners/customers satisfaction.

Alongside that development of operational delivery, we have embraced our social promise to ensure that we will always employ – on a full time basis – a minimum of 25% of our workforce from a justice background. Creating opportunities for those with lived experience of justice is at the heart of our working ethos.

Our business has been welcomed by partners across the West of Scotland and with the appointment of new Managing Director Brian Carmichael in recent weeks – who joins with extensive construction sector experience – we are certain those delivery themes will be expanded, and further innovative growth will follow.

And it is with growth in mind that we are today excited to make an announcement on a recently completed deal which will see our Residential teams busy throughout 2023.

It is with great pride and delight that Paradigm Landscapes can confirm the successful acquisition of the order book of Desirable Paving and Driveways Ltd – a family business and company of some 20 years standing in the landscaping sector, based on the south side of Glasgow – with work on several projects already underway.

The deal to take over the workbook helped the owner of Desirable, Ronnie Shepherd to take a step towards retirement and everyone at Tigers and Paradigm wish both Ronnie and his wife Mairi all the very best for their, what we hope will be, relaxing future together.

With several projects already underway we look forward to sharing some of the transformational – before and after – images, of those projects to be completed across Glasgow, on our website ParadigmLandscapes.co.uk

For further details on how Paradigm Landscapes can support your organisation or simply to find out more about our ethos and delivery please feel free to contact us at info@paradigmlandscapes.co.uk at your convenience.

Let’s start a new project together.

World Menopause Day

Today on World Menopause Day one of our male colleagues sat down to discuss the introduction of our Menopause Policy with our female project lead here at Tigers Group.

You can see the questions borne out of curiosity, one of Tigers key values, from Gerry Hamill, our Group Commercial Director and subsequent responses from Laura Devennie our Group Director of People and Culture below.

Gerry: When did we introduce our Menopause Policy here at Tigers?
Laura: The policy was officially put in place in March 2022 after a long period of background work and research.

Gerry: As a business perhaps you can share what prompted tigers to think about putting a menopause policy in place?
Laura: Initially we came to recognise that a large proportion of our colleagues were women and not only that but women of all ages. At Tigers we talk about brain development and the science of connection, including attachment theory, and we had become increasingly aware through conversation of the range of symptoms attached to menopause. For many this often appears a taboo subject but we immediately felt we had to address the subject internally for our colleagues.
Often people feel they are alone in dealing with symptoms, or may not recognise that feelings, physical and emotional, they are experiencing are not unique to them but that their colleagues are also on that journey through the menopause.

Gerry: Who was involved in researching the policy internally and what processes did you follow to assist with drafting the policy?
Laura: Our first action was to reach out to our team, our entire team across the business, there was no gender disqualification in our request to join us in our early conversations.
We were delighted by the enthusiasm the invitation inspired from across the group. Colleagues representative of all age groups came forward to engage in our conversation including team members at varying stages of the menopause all of whom were curious to learn more about the subject.
Coming together to talk was the next step on the policy journey when people through storytelling shared their own life experiences of menopause or simply being a woman with colleagues. After which we created an action plan where a raft of people accepted individual tasks and responsibilities allocated and designed to give us all a greater understanding of the menopause and its symptoms.
We sought to find external resources too which would add to our knowledge and allow to attach some of the science to the learning. This helped each of us understand where we where individually in life.

Gerry: What key or additional learning, if any, did yourself and colleagues achieve along the way to assist putting the policy in place?
Laura: The biggest thing for me and I’m sure I speak for many of the team when I say that I learned there are different stages of menopause. For example, perimenopause which actually comes in two stages (early and late) and identified the symptoms attached to each. On a personal level this led me to understand that I was experiencing early perimenopause symptoms something which I had previously thought of as being years ahead of me.
Up to that point I was probably guilty of being quite flippant about symptoms jokingly referring to them as me just being hormonal or it being that time of the month but I learned that my brain and body were changing through hormonal imbalances. I found that fascinating when looking it at from a brain development perspective as we do through our internal Daring Ventures programme. I could then name the changes and the feelings around them.
Symptoms such as cognitive disturbances (concentration, brain fog) all of which I had aligned to stress previously I learned it was related to the changes that were taking place in my body.
Along with that came the realisation that this experience is years in the making and not something which appears and leaves you in a short space of time.
It did in actual fact lead us to think of our male colleagues and what process they go through and we have now formed a working group to consider those changes which society also flippantly refers to as mid-life crisis, etc.

Gerry: Do you feel, from a people and culture perspective, this has brought daily benefits to the workplace for Tigers?
Laura: I think the first thing is it brings a willing to engage in conversation and it removes shame from the discussion. It has created a shared language, a sense of belonging with others, and also creates a support network simply through awareness.
We accept that we still have more to do in terms of education and awareness across all genders of the group because each of them will have people in their lives who may be experiencing menopause. Arming people with that knowledge can only be a positive.

Gerry: Having reached the point of having the policy in place what would you offer as advice to others thinking of doing the same for the first time?
Laura: To go for it, to implement and not be fearful. To seek external support if needed, work collaboratively with people within your business in developing your policy.
It would have been much easier for us simply to present a policy as a finished article but there is a feeling, an experience shared, behind the policy when people realise they were part of the team that created the policy.
There is no downside to gaining the knowledge, sharing it and implementing practices borne out of that same learning.

Thank you Laura for your willing to share both personally and professionally, it has been in this short time an education for me to listen to your comments.

Glasgow Hackathon 2022

We're proud to host the Glasgow Hackathon again!

Tigers, in collaboration with the VRU and The Hope Collective, are delighted to be hosting this year’s Glasgow Hackathon on Friday 11th November in our new premises at CityPark.

What is the Hackathon?

The Hope Hacks aim to provide young people with the opportunity to come together for a day of exploring and developing new and innovative solutions to the challenges we currently face in our society today.  The Hope Hacks provide an excellent platform for young people to raise their voices and share not only their concerns about the societal challenges we face, but also to offer hope in the ways in which we tackle poverty and inequality as a nation.

What is the history of the Hackathon?

The origins of the Hope Hack start with the tragic story of Damilola Taylor who was murdered, aged 10, in London. Damilola dreamed of being a doctor and of being able to save the world. In his memory, the Damilola Taylor Trust was formed, and in 2020 the Day of Hope was launched, marking 20 years since Damilola’s death.

The Day of Hope was developed and supported by a ‘Hope Collective’, a joint enterprise which brought together leading organisations with shared values from across the United Kingdom, all with a vision to create a powerful voice for change on behalf of young people.

What will happen at the Glasgow Hackathon?

The Glasgow Hackathon aims to gather young people’s views on poverty and inequality within their communities with the intention of providing young people with a platform to share their solutions to these challenges and present these to their peers and the wider group.

The ideas and solutions from the hacks will be incorporated as part of a report along with the survey data to create the biggest needs assessment into what young people think a fairer society looks like. The Youth Management Group (YMG) are a group of 15-20 young people aged between 16-25 years, who steer the overall activity of the Hope Collective.

The findings of the Glasgow Hack will be included within the Reimagined Report which will be circulated in advance of the 2024 Westminster Election.

Tigers firmly believes in the vision of The Hope Collective and in helping to provide a platform where our young people have the opportunity to come together as part of this collective and offer their insights, solutions and hope for their futures.

If you are aged 16-24 and are interested in participating in our event or would like to find our further information please contact us at events@tigersltd.co.uk

Hope is the start of change

Enhanced Apprenticeships in Play and Attachment

Today Tigers Group are proud and excited to launch our Enhanced Apprenticeships in Play and Attachment.

Over a period of time, we at Tigers Group have listened carefully to our colleagues and friends from across the Early Years Community talk of the existing challenges and future needs of the sector.

During those conversations they have spoken clearly about the need to create a confident, knowledgeable, articulate workforce as the Early Years Community inevitably grows.

We have understood and recognised those same challenges though our own experiences at our attachment led nursery settings at Lullaby Lane, as well as within our own Early Years Training Academy.

That period of reflection, engagement and learning has led us to further understand that significant learning and development only happens in the presence of secure, positive relationships.

At Tigers Group, when approaching any challenge or project, we always start with why as possessing that clarity of intention helps inform the how and what we do.

In the words of Group Managing Director Pauline Scott; “We have a vision for this world where all children have access to free, unstructured play, and loving relationships with highly attuned adults in their lives, during their most formative years. The science tells us the benefits.

This new initiative is designed to provide the adults in the lives of children, the knowledge they deserve to know, at the very start of their career. Once you know this information you cannot unknow it. The adults deserve it, the children deserve it.”

In order to support that vision, we have invited a group of exceptional individuals to join our programme as resident trainers delivering a series of bespoke workshops on topics chosen to expand learning and enrich the practice of the individual trainee.

Those residents, all of whom we are privileged to call friends, share our vision and our passion to support positive change across the Early Years Community.

Our resident trainers are:

Laura Henry-Allain MBE, Producer, Storyteller, Educationalist and Consultant

Suzanne Zeedyk, Founder, connected baby

James Docherty, ACEs to Assets

Nikki Black MBE, Nursery Head in Glasgow

Sue Palmer, Chair, Upstart Scotland

Donna Adams, Nursery Manager, Lullaby Lane Nurseries

Jacqui McDonald, Education Consultant

Mary Glasgow, Chief Executive, Children 1st

Our bespoke, in person, workshops will cover a diverse range of topics including Equality and Inclusion, Compassionate Leadership, Play Based Learning, UNCRC, Safeguarding, Attachment Theory, Working with multiple services and Adverse Childhood experiences.

In addition to all of the above we will arrange for field trip visits for all participants to other care and early year settings, all to help them understand the ways children play, learn and grow.

Finally, as part of the new Play and Attachment programme we will deliver both the Social Services Children and Young People Modern Apprenticeships at Level 7 and Level 9.

We believe in creating this enhanced Modern Apprenticeship we have demonstrated our knowledge of the sector, our desire to support positive change within the same and an unyielding commitment to supporting and inspiring young people to develop their infinite potential.

We cannot wait to get started and we look forward to working with you all in the very near future.

For more information you can contact our Early Years Academy at earlyyears@tigersltd.co.uk or by telephone 0141 771 5200.

A Family's Experience at Lullaby Lane

A Family's Experience at Lullaby Lane

Choosing a nursery for your 1st child is a daunting experience – so many choices, so many opinions, so many options, so many crazy waiting lists and much wondering about what is the right decision.

This was what faced us in the Autumn of 2014 after our daughter Emily was born as we began to think about the logistics of childcare. When we went to visit Lullaby Lane we instantly knew this was the place – a sign at the door said “home from home” – and within minutes of being inside the nursery and meeting the staff for the first time we knew this was the place for us! Lullaby Lane is far more than a nursery, it’s family! And now after roughly 7 years we have come to the end of our journey as parents of children at Lullaby Lane but we will forever hold it in our hearts, and be a supporter of Pauline and her teams as much as we can.

“I love being able to get outdoors all the time and being able to play on the hammocks”



We were naive and thought that nursery was just somewhere you took your children for childcare, but Lullaby Lane has taught us that it is so much more. All the staff strive to be the best they can be, and not only educate themselves about early years development and attachment theory but also the parents and families too, and for this we will be forever grateful! Attachment theory was something we knew nothing about before becoming a Lullaby Lane family; and it’s now something we are able to share with our own friends and family.

Both our children – Emily and Finlay – have attended Lullaby Lane over the last 7 years, and we would have been lost without the nursery. It’s the most welcoming, friendly, homely, nurturing and loving environment and nothing is ever too much. All staff go above and beyond every day, to help the children achieve their full potential and feel settled, loved and connected to their nursery environment and them as keyworkers. Not only do they love and support the children in their care they also have the same connection to the parents and families.

“Lullaby Lane is so much fun!”



Our time at Lullaby Lane has not always been plain sailing. As a family we didn’t qualify for childcare during the covid pandemic, but Lullaby Lane made sure to keep the connection with Finlay (and Emily) alive with weekly video messages, connection bags and zoom sessions with keyworkers and friends so when nursery finally opened up again to us, it was a smooth transition back for Finlay and he couldn’t have been happier to be back with “his Sophia” and his besties.

Lullaby Lane is definitely more than just a nursery, it’s a place that loves your child as much as you love them yourselves and becomes part of your family. Our children wouldn’t be who they are today without the friendships and relationships they made during their time there.

Through them we have made friends and connections for life and will never ever forget our time there and neither will Emily and Finlay 💖

Katie and Brian Thomson

The Pride in Pride

Why do we still need Pride?

As you may know June and July are Pride months in the UK, a celebration for the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. A time for the LGBTQ+ community to be seen, understood, and respected. A time for education, reflection, action, and most of all love.

Being gay is still a crime in over 69 countries round the world, and punishable by death in many. Pride isn’t just a bit of fun or a chance to show off. Its an essential political event highlighting human rights and the struggle for legal equality for the LGBTQ+ community round the world. With the Trans community particularly being persecuted at this time by the uneducated in the media, there is still a lot of work to be done.

Why Tigers are involved?

Tigers have supported, coached, and believed in young people in Scottish communities for years. I felt it was fitting that they offered to be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community and wanted to be part of the Pride march in Glasgow. Many of our young people are lesbian, gay, bi and trans.

Tigers offer a safe environment for learning, offering coaching, mental health awareness and a real practical support as part of a whole person approach. Helping young people work towards achieving their full potential whoever they are and whoever they love. Our Tigers learners feel so comfortable in the inclusive environment provided, that they can finally be who they want and need to be. It can be a weight lifted from their shoulders, allowing them to just be who they want to be. No need to hide or feel shame, they can relax and know they are accepted and respected for the journey they are on.

“I was delighted to stand with David, with colleagues and friends in celebration of our diversity. Pride was an incredible event, filled with joy, love and understanding - I was proud to be there and walk alongside my friends.”


Siobhan Argyle, Education Manager, tigers

Our day of Pride

Saturday the 16th July has arrived Pride day Glasgow. Myself, and a group of colleagues, have our place in the Pride parade and are all ready to go. A mixed group of gay and straight allies. I feel so proud to have such a fantastic, supportive, loving work family ready to march along-side me. Taking on my fight and making it theirs.

With Tigers Pride t-shirts generously supplied by Tigers Group Managing Director Pauline Scott, Pride flags freshly ironed, glitter, whistles and rainbows everywhere we are off. What strikes me immediately are the many businesses and organisations like Tigers who are taking part. From supermarkets and banks to council adoption agencies and the gay rugby team. Thousands of people supporting change. Many realising that Pride isn’t just a day out of the year, but every day. Changing policies in their companies and organisations to legally protect their LGBTQ+ members and employees.

Smiles, laughter, singing, music, chants fill the air as we make our way from Glasgow Green through the streets of Glasgow City Centre towards George Square.
The streets are lined by people waving and enjoying the atmosphere, old and young, families and couples, smiling and waving, showing their support. You can feel the joy in the air, its intoxicating. 20,000 people marching for equality, for change, for reform, and love.
It makes me feel proud how far the LGBTQ+ community have come in the 50 years pride has been celebrated. I feel lucky to live in a country where my freedom to be me is legally protected.
But it also makes me realise more work is required to help the LGBTQ+ community round the world. The fight for human rights continues. I look around me and realise the fight is in good hands.

Roll on Pride 2023 the fight goes on!

Tigers Group takes on Kilt Walk

What our team will be walking

This year a number of team have decided to join the Kilt Walk in Edinburgh later this year, taking on the Mighty Stride, a total of 24 miles. We have a 30 strong team made up of members of tigers, Lullaby Lane Nursery and Paradigm Landscapes teams. In preparation for Septembers walk we have planned several training days to build up our endurance before we tackle the Kilt Walk which is expected to take 6-8 hours to complete.

Epilepsy Scotland

Our team will be walking in memory of our friend and colleague, Richard Loughran, who passed away suddenly in 2020. As a team we unanimously chose to walk in support of Epilepsy Scotland.

“In Scotland 55,000 people are affected by epilepsy. Children and older people are most at risk of developing this common serious neurological condition but anyone can develop epilepsy at any time, and eight people a day in Scotland do.

We want to make sure the needs of people with epilepsy are met. This is why we campaign for improved healthcare, better information provision and an end to stigma.”

“As a team we decided to give something back to the charity who supports those who and the families of Epilepsy sufferers in memory of our friend and colleague Richard, a beautiful soul who left us to early, as he always said “no problem””


Aisling Bent, Health and Wellbeing Coordinator

If you would like to support us to support this wonderful organisation, please visit our team’s kiltwalk page, all donations greatly appreciated and welcomed. Thank you for your support!